8 foot surf guy progression

Here I will share some photos and words about a big piece I started on Friday, February 23 2018. Here's what it looks like as I type this post:


The canvas is a large piece of scrap wood approximately 3 feet wide by 8 feet tall. You can see it untarnished in the background of this photo. The stuff in the foreground is natural slate. I fabricate stone and stone accessories as my day job. It's a good job and allows me enough free time to paint and be creative. 


On Friday I began painting as I begin most of my larger scale paintings: with a spray painted base layer. I love using spray paint. It got me in trouble when I was younger but now I keep it legal. There is not much in life I find more satisfying than drawing with spray paint. The base layer you see below took about 30 minutes and consists of several layers. I layer until I get something I like enough to paint with real paints over top of.


Everyone says the piece of wood looks like a surfboard so I've been calling it surf guy. I would love to paint on a real surfboard but it would have to be a broken one as once it's layered up with paint I doubt it would be very functional in the water. If anyone has an old surfboard let me know.

On Tuesday, February 27th I took the surf guy home and started painting the actual painting. So far I've been painting for 2 hours and I've used all acrylic paints. Eventually I may incorporate oil sticks but probably not as I like the direction it's going and oil is messy.


The dark blue, yellow and green lines were painted straight from the tube of paint. This is my favorite method for painting because it feels like drawing and more like spray painting. I used brushes for smaller and larger colored areas and some of the more detailed lines that needed to be thinner or thicker than the diameter of a paint tube hole. It's very easy to get caught up painting an entire piece out of the tube, and it ends up looking boring because all the lines are the same exact thickness. Variety is important I think.

I hope you enjoyed this "peek behind the curtain". I will try to do this on a semi regular basis but it's unlikely. Follow me on instagram @bakejullock for more consistent updates.